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   First, I would like to suggest that you refresh this page as often as possible, because I will always be adding new elements and products. I would also like to warn you that all of my products that say "felted" mean that they have wool in them, so please be mindful if you have any allergies. I will be having new products and collections coming soon, so keep a lookout for that! I am welcome to suggestions on new products to sell, and you can suggest in the contact me section. I will also be sending out a newsletter either monthly or every other month. It would contain news and new product updates, as well as possibly coupons. You can sign up for it by filling out the subscribe page.

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Product Info

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Because most of my products are customizable, they won't always be in stock, especially ones with many different variants. New product supply will most likely come in waves of similar items, like clay creatures or fairy bottles. In light of that, you may have to wait some time before the specific item comes back, but if you need it at a specific time, you can go to the contact me section to ask that I prioritize a specific item.

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