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Wedding bands need to special, so I can help! Wether you want a more affordable silver, gold fill (more info below) or any type of gold (I recommend 14k), I'll work with you to custom make them just for you!

Things to Include

in your message
  • Material

    • Silver​

    • Gold Filled 

      • Rose Gold Filled​

      • Yellow Gold Filled

    • Gold

      • Yellow Gold​

      • Rose Gold

      • White Gold

  • Karat (For gold only)

    • Gold Filled​

      • 14k​

      • 12k

    • Gold

      • 10k​

      • 12k

      • 14k

  • Size

    • I can make any sizes you need!​

  • Number

    • Do you want just one wedding band or a set?​

*Note - I don't make engagement rings or bands with stones set in them yet, only simple bands.

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Gold Filled Wire

Gold fill is a material that is basically a gold plated alloy. It's a great alternative for regular gold because the price is almost as low as silver, still with that classic gold look. The plating is fairly thick, not just the gold leaf type of thin plating most gold plated items have. It is made by basically taking a gold tube and filling it with another base metal (usually pure jeweler's brass) and then bonding it with heat and other methods. It looks the same on the outside as gold, but just way cheaper!

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